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2017-2018 After-School @ SJE

Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead @ SJE After-School Enrichment Program
Our after-school enrichment is comprised of instructional classes in the arts and sciences taught by certified teachers, mixed with snack, optional private music lesson (add-on), and challenge class. Children in our program beg to stay until the very last minute and leave refreshed, energized, and ready to learn more!

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  • STEM 20170613_151545
  • Engineering
  • Engineering 20170314_113403
  • Robotics Keep it in the lines
  • 3D Printing
  • Image 01 Keys Kids
  • Image 02 Music Tech
  • Image 03 Minecraft
  • Image 04 STEM
  • Image 05 Engineering
  • Image 06 Smart Art
  • Image 07 Robotics
  • Image 08 3D Printing

*Multi-student and multi-class discounts will be applied by percentages. Fees range from $18-25 per day based on total number of days per week per family. Email info@fullsteamaheadFL.com with questions.
Tuition assistance is available. Please contact us via email info@fullsteamaheadfl.com and we will help get the ball rolling.

To Enroll:
If you are new to our program, click the register link in the table above.
If you’ve been with us before, please enroll using our Parent Portal, click on your Enroll tab and select the days your child will attend.

Further Details
Classes offered as a part of the program include:
ARTS: Smart Art (art with a STEM twist), Keys Kids (group piano), We Jammin’ (group guitar), Music Makers (many instruments and games), Perfect Pitch (singing), Challenge Class
STEM: Robotics and Coding, Minecraft, 3D Printing, Makerspace, Engineering, Challenge Class.
Classes taught by award-winning, highly qualified, and certified teachers
Renaissance system encourages intellectual diversity, accepting new challenges, perseverance, self-guided learning, fearless problem solving, and allows kids to do the things they love (e.g. Minecraft and guitar) while learning to love new things (e.g. programming and 3D arts)
If family needs a flexible schedule with different days each week, contact info@fullsteamaheadfl.com upon enrollment to discuss.
Open to anyone, inside or outside CCPS and the St. John’s community

Transportation Provided from:
Pelican Marsh
Sea Gate
Veterans Memorial Elementary
Naples Park: NPE students will be walked over to the church.
If not from the above schools, parents/caregivers drop-off and pick-up students at St. John the Evangelist

*In order to take advantage of the transportation we provide, the school must have this form on file. Please print, fill out, return to us, and we will give it to the schools. Additionally, please send a note to the school indicating the days you have told us to pick up your child.
CCPS Transportation Form

St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, 625 111th Ave N, Naples, FL 34108

3:30 until 6:30

Max Program and Class Size
Class size=12, Total in after-school program=48

Private Music Lessons
Weekly private music lessons with Mrs. Shore are available either as a part of the after-school program or on their own, however schedule is currently booked. Tuition is $30 per half-hour lesson. Beginning students are highly encouraged to try the Beginning Piano class on Tuesdays with Miss Jeffrey or the Music Makers class (beginning/intermediate guitar/ukulele) on Mondays with Mrs. Shore. Students with a piano foundation are encouraged to try Keys Kids Advanced on Mondays with Mrs. Shore!